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Mia Reich is the current Junior Miss Indian Oklahoma.

She is the 15-year-old daughter of Jay and Melissa Reich. Her maternal grandparents are Lillie Ott and the late Sequoyah Robers. Her paternal grandparents are Brenda Reich and the late Bill Reich.

Mia is a sophomore at Wright City High School. She is on the varsity basketball, track, and cross-country teams. Mia is a cheerleader, a member of the Academic Team and the Treasurer of the WISDOM club. WISDOM is the acronym for “Wise Indian Students Discovering Oklahoma’s Magnificence”. 

Mia is a member of Idabel First Baptist Church. She is a Senior Girl Scout with Troop 7121. She is a 13-year dance student and an 8-year member of a competition dance team at Studio 5678 in Idabel.

Mia’s platform, as Junior Miss Indian Oklahoma, is ‘Preserving Our Choctaw Language’. Her maternal grandmother is a first language speaker who teaches the Choctaw Language. In her efforts to preserve this ancient language, Mia is learning to speak as a Level II language student at her high school. Mia shares different avenues available to enroll as a Choctaw language student.

Mia enjoys reading to younger students and teaching them how to pronounce Choctaw words for numbers, colors, and animal names. She enjoys singing the Choctaw hymns and is eager to learn songs new to her. She encourages young ladies who compete in the Choctaw Nation District Pageants to give their introduction in Choctaw. Mia helps them learn to speak confidently before an audience by helping them with pronunciation and assuring them that it’s okay to make a mistake.

Mia wishes to thank you for your continued support in her endeavors to serve as your ambassador.

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