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2024 Miss Indian Oklahoma - Faithlyn Taloa Seawright



My name is Faithlyn Taloa Seawright. My Chickasaw and Choctaw name, Taloa, means ‘To Sing’. I am the 25 year-old daughter of Gwen Burris and Larry Seawright.

I am a participant of the Chikasha Academy Adult Immersion Program, where I have the opportunity to learn my language. Upon graduation, I want to teach the Chickasaw language to give back to my community. In 2021, I received my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Museum Studies from the Institute of American Indian Arts. 

As Miss Indian Oklahoma, my platform is ‘What is Language Revitalization and How YOU Can Help’. Language revitalization is important to me and imperative for our communities to take action in learning and speaking their language(s) to maintain a strong connection with our ancestors/elders and keep our identity as Indigenous people.

I look forward to my reign as a goodwill ambassador! I hope to meet you all on my travels representing the Oklahoma Federation of Indian Women.


Chipisalaꞌcho! Yakoke,
Faithlyn Taloa Seawright
2024 Miss Indian Oklahoma

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