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The Miss & Jr. Miss Indian Oklahoma Honor Powwow is an opportunity for OFIW and others to acknowledge the outgoing Miss & Jr. Miss Indian Oklahoma. OFIW members take pride in the Honor Powwow and they work together in order to put this event on. The goals of OFIW’s Honor Powwow is to promote & celebrate our Indian Women and our Native American culture through dancing, singing, and Native American arts.

This year's Honor Powwow was at Thunderbird Casino in Norman, OK. Thank you to Thunderbird Casino for your sponsorship of our Honor Powwow. Congratulations Powwow Committee on a successful event.

Honor Powwow Chair: Couita Nucosee
Titleholders in attendance to honor the legacy of 50 years of the title of Miss Indian Oklahoma
All Past Picture.jpg

Left to Right: 2023 Jr Miss Indian Oklahoma-MeKiah Carey, 2023 Miss Indian Oklahoma-Lily Painter, 2007 Miss Indian Oklahoma-Jessica Moore-Harjo, 2015 Jr Miss Indian Oklahoma-Faithlyn Seawright, 2003 Jr Miss Indian Oklahoma-Nicole Schultz, 1981 Miss Indian Oklahoma-Nancy Tsoodle Moser, 2012 Miss Indian Oklahoma-Brittany Hill, 2019/2020 Miss Indian Oklahoma-Breana Hill, 2000 Miss Indian Oklahoma-Julia Aykemah Noel-Woodard

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