The Statewide Awards & Honor Banquet is a special event that OFIW hosts to acknowledge their Statewide Award winners and honor the outgoing Miss & Jr. Miss Indian Oklahoma. OFIW honors nine individuals every year who are nominated for an OFIW Statewide Award. OFIW Statewide awards are; Nancy Tsoodle Student Achievement Award, Boyce Timmons Student Achievement Award, Alice Timmons Founders Award, Georgeann Robinson Humanitarian Award, Mary Townsend Crow Service Award, Helen Chupco Leadership Award, Angela Kihega Outstanding OFIW Member, American Indian Mother of the Year, and American Indian Woman of the Year. OFIW is committed to this event in order to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of our Indian women, leaders, and students.


Banquet Chair 

Statewide Awards Chair

Gwen Burris


2019 Statewide  Awards  Nomination  Form

Click to download
Nomination Deadline: 
October 16th, 2019
$30 Per Nomination
Send Applications to: 
Gwen Burris
16040 CR 3535
Ada, OK     74820

2019  Statewide  Awardees

American Indian Mother of the Year

Marilyn Jumper

Angela Kihega Outstanding OFIW Member

Donna Wahnee

Boyce Timmons Achievement Award

Alan Tiger

Georgeann Robinson Humanitarian Award

Henry Sleeper on behalf of the Oklahoma Indian Bikers​

Helen Chupco Leadership Award

Lisa Johnson Billy

American Indian Woman of the Year

Dena Tiger-Khloer

Nancy Tsoodle Achievement Award

Chelbie Turtle

Alice Timmons Founders Award

Chuck Hoskin Jr.

Mary Townsend Crow Service Award

Jasha Lyon Echo-Hawk

Upcoming  Events


April 19th, 2020

OFIW Quarterly Meeting

2:00 pm

Zoom Meeting (phone/video conference call ONLY) 

We are NOT meeting together due to the recommendation of no meetings larger than 10 people. 

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