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The titles of Miss Indian Oklahoma (MIO) and Junior Miss Indian Oklahoma (JMIO) are the property of the Oklahoma Federation of Indian Women. MIO and JMIO represents and serves OFIW as a goodwill ambassador.


Candidates in the Miss & Jr Miss Indian Oklahoma pageant  are required to compete in the categories of: written essay, interview, introduction & tribal greeting, traditional talent or presentation, platform presentation, and impromptu question. These categories are designed to allow the candidate to demonstrate her knowledge of her tribe and how she will represent OFIW, the great state of Oklahoma, the 38 federally recognized tribes of Oklahoma, her tribe(s), and her family during her reign. 

Pageant Committee Chair: Krystal Childers

Details of the pageant for 2025 Miss & Jr. Miss Indian Oklahoma coming soon!

Congratulations to the candidates who competed in the pageant for the 2024 Miss & Jr Miss Indian Oklahoma. They did a wonderful job!

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